Spring is the season after winter.

1.    How do you know when it is spring?

In spring you can see many animals. Spring is the season after winter.

Look up into the sky! You might see butterflies. In spring, there are more hours of sunlight than in winter. The extra sunlight helps to warm the land, air, and water. People go outside more than they do in winter.


2.    What happens in spring?

It takes longer for spring to come to places where the winters are very cold. When spring comes, the weather gets warmer. It might rain a lot. Rain and warmth from the Sun help plants grow.

In spring, plants begin to sprout_植物发芽

Growing plants are food for animals. Many animals are born in the spring. Some birds build nests for their young.

birds’ nest_春燕衔泥

双语太极: 太极文化学习月_ the Taichi Culture Learning Month




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