()Make a table:

I will make a table to solve problems.

1.         Maria wants to buy a T-shirt.

2.         She wants a picture of a bicycle on it.

3.         She wants 4 words on it.

4.         She wants a stripe on the sleeve.

5.         Which shirt should she buy?


What do I need to find out?
circle the question.

() Plan

How will I solve the problem?

() Make a table


Look back:

Does my answer make sense?

() Practice

1. Ask 10 friends what their favorite playground activity is.

2. Make a tally chart to show your data.

3. Use the tally chart to make a bar graph.

4. Thinking Math:

Which bar on the graph is the longest? Explain why that bar is the longest.

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一年级数学:Grade_1_Math_ Problem-Solving Strategy

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