Animal Moms and Dads

What do animal moms and dads do?

This mom has food. Her baby can grab it.

This dad brings food for two. Dad and babylike it a lot!

See what this mom and dad did. It was a bigjob.


Think and Compare:

1. How do animal moms and dads take care oftheir babies?

2. How do the grownups in your family takecare of you?

3. How do other animals you know take careof their babies?

4. How is it different?


What Families Do:

Families can help each other.

Families can play together.


Dear Family Member:

I’m reading Animal Moms and Dads in classthis week. I learned that every selection has a main idea. The main idea iswhat the selection is mostly about. The details tell me more about the mainidea. This selection tells how animal moms and dads care for their babies.Animal moms can bring their babies food. Animal dads can get the bugs out oftheir baby’s fur coat! Animal moms and dads seem to take care of their babieslike you take care of me! 

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Animal Moms and Dads

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