Acupuncture is aholistic form of medicine that began in China, some say over 2,500 years ago. Atrained practitioner places hair-thin needles along certain points in the body.Acupuncture seeks to return balance to the body’s natural 

energy, called chi. Believers in this alternative medicine claim that once balance is restored, the physical problem will be alleviated. There are many studies have reported support for various benefits of acupuncture. 

Below are some of the reported benefits and symptoms acupuncture is claimed to alleviate.

1) 改善心情 Better mood

Modern life can be difficult. People tend to overlook that despite all our  progress, or perhaps because of it, we are often beset by problems and  stress.These problems are often dismissed as the whining of a spoiled   society that can’t truly comprehend how good they have it. While it’s true that many horrors and difficulties from the past are no longer an issue, that doesn’t diminish the challenges we face today.

The ultimate result of these challenges is stress, which can have a direeffect  on a person’s mood, and cause depression. Weekly acupuncture treatments,over the course of three months, have for some been as effective at treating depression as professional counseling. This makes acupuncture something   worthtrying, especially for those who feel the side effects of antidepressants   are too severe. Acupuncture doesn’t have to be exclusive from traditional   methods of treatment as one can be used in conjunction with the other.

2) 增强免疫系统 Boost the immune system

One of the first casualties of astressful life is the immune system. Studies have shown that people who experience high degrees of stress tend to get sick more often, and stay sick longer. Even for those lucky people with less stressful lives, who don’t live ina pressure cooker, having a little boost to the immune system can’t hurt.Another challenge to our immune systems can be from side effects of certain drugs and treatments for serious conditions or diseases. Many medicines will lower a body’s ability to fight off infection. While acupuncture should never be used as a complete replacement for doctor 

prescribed treatments, it can complement them, and create a better result.

Acupuncture treatmentsmay boost the immune cells that seek out and destroy harmful infections by stimulating the nerves, which in turn produce more antibodies to better fight infections.

3) 缓解偏头疼 Provide some migraine relief

There is a significant difference between a headache, even a bad one, and a migraine. With a headache, a personcan still somewhat function. Life might not be pleasant, but with a typical headache, people can still get by with some effort. Migraines can be utterly debilitating. Just ask anyone who suffers from them and they will agree. There is any number of causes for migraines including stress,neurological disorders or tumors, and migraines can also be an indicator ofearly stroke risk.

A recent study pointed to results  that migraine sufferers who received acupuncture treatments had a reduction in symptoms. Although the reported level of reduction was mild, migraine sufferers will take any relief they can get, especially if the standard treatments are not working.

4) 缓解更年期症状 Alleviate some menopause symptoms

Menopause is a rite of passage that all women go through at some point in their lives. It is a physical,emotional and psychological change that is much more drastic than often expected. Hormone levels rise and fall, radically, and 

the body changes as well. Some of these affects can range from being a little unpleasant to being a serious disruption in lifestyle. New hormone therapies have been developed toalleviate some of these problems, but some of the 

known side effects can be just as problematic and some people choose not to pursue them.

Acupuncture has been shown to be most helpful in treating one of the most common symptoms of menopause which are hot flashes. Realigning the chi, orstimulating the correct nerve pathway, may help women better regulate theirbody temperature. It usually takes around three months of treatment to see results, but if you suffer terribly from this symptom, it may be worth it.

5) 有助于减肥 Help with weight loss

Convenience foods come at us fromall sides today. During the work day, lunch is a race to eat and get back tothe office. At home and away from work, we are still running ragged and thereis always another errand to run. There is just more to do than there are hoursin a day. One way we deal with this is eating unhealthier fast food take out or frozen processed food at home that can be heat up and eaten quickly.

There is no quick fix for weight loss and nothing can compare to healthy eating and exercising, but people who have turned to acupuncture for weight loss have had some measure of success.One study found that those who took weekly 15 minute sessions lost an average of three pounds. The results were even better for those having ear acupuncture treatments as they lost an average of ten pounds. Surely everyone can squeeze an extra 15 minutes into your schedule for these results.

6) 减缓背痛 Alleviate back pain

Back problems will affect 80% of Americans, at some point in their lives. Many of these are short term bouts ofpain that will eventually go away, or else can be managed easy enough. Other people suffer a lifetime of crippling pain that prevents them from living afull and productive life. A bad back can also stop a career in its tracks,leaving hard working individuals unable to support themselves or their families.

Many back pain sufferers areforced to resort to surgery to find relief after other treatments fail. Others find relief in the skilled hands of a chiropractor. 

Acupuncture is another avenue of treatment that has shown to be effective for many patients suffering back pain. It should come as no surprise then that back pain is the number one reason people seek out acupuncture in the first 

place. The American College of Physicians actually recommends that patients, who don’t respond to traditional treatments for back pain, try acupuncture. 22% percent of those people who do report finding relief.

7) 减轻过敏症状 Alleviate allergy symptoms

An allergy is a medical condition where a person is hypersensitive to a given substance or substances. This includes the common hay fever and allergic reactions to pet dander to more serious ones that could cause an aphylactic shock, like such as severe peanut allergies or a bee sting. Symptoms for most allergies are generally mild and include red itchy/watery eyes, congestion, runny nose, sneezing, itchy skin ora cough. Many symptoms can be effectively controlled with over the counter antihistamines, while others might require prescription medicines.

Acupuncture has been shown to help allergy suffers alleviate their symptoms in as little as one session. If the symptoms persist, treating them may require two visits per week for approximately six weeks. Either way, the time commitment doesn’t seem too taxing to give it a shot.

8) 改善睡眠质量 Help promote better sleep

Lack of sleep is an epidemic in America, with as many as 12 million people suffering from some form of sleep disorder. The constant distractions, hectic schedules and the chaos of dailylife keep us from our beds, and we are chronically exhausted for it. Stress is a major factor in this equation as well. It is one of life’s cruel jokes that the more stressed we are, the more sleep we need but at the same time, the more stressed we are, the harder it is to get that much needed sleep. Our numerous gadgets don’t help matters either. 

Phones, tablets, and HDTV’s generate what is commonly called blue light, which tricks our circadian rhythm into thinking we should be awake. 

Preliminary studies have shown promise for the use of acupuncture in treating insomnia and other sleep disorders.

9) 有助于治疗消化系统紊乱 Digestive disorders

Digestive disorders affect anywhere between 60 and 70 million Americans. Some of it can be attributed todiet, but many suffer from a definable illness. A few of these may berelatively minor, like acid reflux, but more serious conditions such as Crohn’s disease and irritable bowel syndrome are coming into the spotlight. There are anumber of conventional treatments available, but not everyone responds well tothese.

Acupuncture can help with chronic pain, which is a major symptom of several of these digestive disorders. The data on acupuncture directly affecting  digestive disorders is inconclusive at the moment but it has still  helped some patients, and may be worth a shot if conventional treatment isn’t working or in conjunction with such treatment.

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